Jayma Reid

Jayma Reid Jayma Reid

Jayma Reid @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
This insane interracial gangbang starts off in the museum where Max Black and his white women loving entourage are checking out the Egyptian display.

Max Black and his big cock are bored with all this culture and he just wants to bang some hot white pussy. Jayma Reid, who is studying Egyptology, is taking notes on the exhibit, and they suddenly realize that there is a white slut right here, and Max Black moves in for the kill.

Soon Jayma Reid is on her knees with his mammoth black cock in her mouth for some serious interracial blowjob deapthroat action! After showing off her perfect tits she then she hikes up her skirt, and bends over to reveal one of the tighest athletic asses you are going to see anywhere. This is a perfect example of the white booty that is so tight you can bounce a quarter off of it. Max goes right into eating her shaved pussy, and the rest of the interracial gangbang crew starts groping, in between stroking their own units. Max Black slides his 12 inch huge black cock into her tight pussy hole, and she starts sucking whatever big black dick is in her face. It’s a little hard to understand her screaming "it’s soooo big!" with a 3 huge black dicks popping in and out of her mouth.

This turns into another famous Dogfart mini interracial bukkake cum fest as they each take turns firing their huge cumshots right onto her white whore face and

into her mouth while Max Black jams her from every position possible. Soon she looks like a refugee from a sperm bank with her cum covered face shining in the museum lighting.

After Max Black pulls out and fires another load of interracial cum on her writhing shaved pussy, he informs her that this was his second nut….he fired the first one deep in her tight pussy, giving her an interracial creampie without her even knowing or giving permission! Another unaurhorized interracial cream pie. Haha! Only at BlacksOnBlondes!

Jayma Reid Jayma Reid

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