Annette Schwartz

Annette Schwartz Annette Schwartz

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Imagine a German female Tasmanian devil black cock slut…That’s how you describe Annette Schwarz she takes one look at 2 huge black dicks, and savagely attacks them, inhaling them literally balls deep down her throat. As the huge black cock disappears completely into her blonde framed face, Annette Schwartz keeps it there, and licks the big black balls as she is throat fucked endlessly. This is only the beginning of this incredible interracial sex scene.

If you are familiar with German porn, the extreme gangbang, bukkake, rough sex type of porn, then you should be familiar with Annette Schwartz, our Tazmanian devil of interracial cock swallowing. Annett Schwarz came to America to get her share of the wealth of huge black dicks we keep on hand, and she has taken dicks that are so long, they never have been deep-throated, and left their owners gasping in disbelief, as she makes Linda Lovelace seem like a rank amateur!

After revealing her talents to our astonished crew, Annett Schwartz then opens her other holes, her white pussy and white booty asshole for an incredible interracial DP, (double penetration) and Annette Schwarz continues to amaze with her mad skills! After she gets her white slut pussy and asshole fucked to near destruction, Annette Schwartz is ready for her reward, and feasts on their huge cumshot facials for a hot ending. With her lips still dripping with black cum, Annette Schwartz looks into the camera, and with a husky German accent proclaims: "nigger cum is the best cum!" One of the most intense interracial xxx sex scenes you will ever witness!

Annette Schwartz Annette Schwartz

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